Sunday, April 6, 2014

Step by step...

I was a fairly addicted blogger. Every 2 days a blog, with something quilty. After a year of going back to me, going back to where I want to be instead of where I thought the world wanted me, everything is calming down in a way, although I am more busy than ever. New job, new business in the making, studying, planning on a new study, more travelling and changing diet (lost 10 pounds already!).
I know where I am heading. I know it will take time. I know it demands changes. And I know I am willing to take that risk! I am focused.

I changed jobs and just started last week. I love my new job, at another university, different focus, and the option to study. My spouse had already planned way back to be away with a friend for this week. So I was home alone. It was fine. In my new job I work less, so I can concentrate too on my management trainer course (I do not know what the right word is in English for this type of work, but it's training people in management and leadership skills). Building up a business, and still a bit wobbly on the way. One way or another, calmness comes in, something I haven't found in many years.

Remember this one of a month ago?

I am thinking of words to put on. Words like Hope and Trust. Authenticity. Love. Joy. Friendliness. Words that bring me back to my feet. Words that give me trust in the path I am walking on now. If you want to join in and add some words, you're welcome!
Life has changed a lot for me. Less busy, more focused.

Change asks for time, and asks for choices. That means I blog less, when I really think I have something to say.

Thanks for listening and following my journey!;-)

Have fun quilting!

Monday, March 24, 2014

First time things: pasta!

I am not a cook. As in, I can cook, I can follow a recipe, even invent a recipe. But I do not love to cook as in every day 3-course gourmet meals. However, cooking is something I do enjoy, with my focus now on eating well. My birthday is coming up, my spouse gave me already my gift. Nothing related to quilting, but making cooking more fun: my own pasta machine!

And added to that, a pasta rack to dry the pasta.

So, today was my first, making my own, home made pasta.
When somebody says it is easy, they lie. Trust me. I know. And when they say it's quick, they lie even more. It's like hand quilting: practice, practice, practice!!!! It might become easy and quick, but not now. It took me hours ;-).

In my recipe in the pasta book I had, the proportions were wrong. My dough was sticky, and definitely wasn't silken soft, as the book said. Waited an hour. Added some semolina. Waited an hour. Sticky again. With some help on Facebook (Thanks Pam!) and the internet I added in total 8 ounces/200 grams of semolina. Waited thirty minutes: great dough! So now I had enough dough for a family of 14 plus an orphanage. Anybody pasta? Now it became time to start using the pasta machine.

Doesn't this look great?

And the first tagliatelle from the machine. SO proud! ;-)

It looks so great, and I feel so rich, having loads of tagliatelle to dry.

And it ended up with a great plate with tagliatelle,, some bacon (just for today), some olive oil and garlic. 

LOVED IT!!!! It was great to eat thin tagliatelle, nothing like the thick stuff from the super market. And no strange additives. And now? Back to quilting!

Have fun quilting!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My favorite color is rainbow, part 3

Yes, been working on this top! And some of your were anxious to see where it was heading. Come guessed log cabin, some guessed blocks, but remember, I wanted it to stay easy and simple. So yes, I finished the top, something I haven't done for a long time.

By the way, if you want to see the start of this quilt, check out part 1 and part 2 first!

Remember this stack of strips?

I sewed them strip by strip together. On my desk it looked something like this...

But on the machine like this! Number 1 to number 2, number 3 to number 4, number 5 to number 6... You get it.

And then number 2 to number 3 and number 6 to number 7. So groups of 4 strips together. And no, because I cut the white fabric "somewhere" in the middle, the points do not meet. On purpose. I didn't want a table runner on my quilt. Moreover, it gives the feeling of play, of nothing serious. And during these 4 weeks of resetting, that's exactly what I need!

Here is the purple area...

The blue one...

And the yellow-green area...

Here are all the 4-strip pieces stacked on my chair.

And here, piecing 4 to 5, 12 to 13 and 20 to 21, 28 to 29, and 36 to 37. Five 8-strip pieces are left over to sew together. Piecing together these pieces, and yes, it's Sesame street again: keep the numbers chronological and Bob's your uncle!

And this is where I am standing now: a happy strip quilt, with my favourite colour in dark, medium and light. Size is (40*2 inch) 80 inch by (2*40 inch) 80 inch. Width can vary, as I might cut off some white fabric.

Next step? This quilt will be the background for embroidered words that motivate me, inspire me, comfort me.
For me these four weeks are a transition to a new life in more ways than I can write down here (you'll hear about it soon enough!). Do you  have words that motivate and inspire you when you need it?
Let me know in your comment!

Have fun quilting,