Monday, October 20, 2014

Quilting again!

This weekend I started quilting again. Tiny steps, just simple hexies, nothing intricate. Working with Cherrywoods, working with what I already have. And I love it! Started with readymade hexies and a pattern of a bag I already made a few times.  It's my standard sewing bag in all sizes.

This one is just big enough for a spool of thread, a thread cutter, a thimble and some needles.

See the tiny one with roses next to it? Half inch hexies make a bag for my T.J.Lane thimbles. 

And now I started a 1 inch bag to take all my stuff to work, to quilt during commute and in hotels during training and courses. Love to be back on the wagon!

Have fun quilting,

Sunday, October 12, 2014

1000 Awesome Quilting Things: #1000 Refound Beautiful Fabric

To inspire me (and perhaps you!) to get quilting, I decided to introduce a new theme: 1000 Awesome Quilting Things. 1000 things that inspire me to quilt, that amaze me, make me love it. In no particular order, small and big things, anything quilty that's just awesome. So let's start with #1000 and count back to one! And by the way, so happy to be blogging again...;-)

#1000: Refound Beautiful Fabric

Isn't it awesome when you find a piece of fabric in your stash that you didn't know anymore you had, and it's just perfect? And as beautiful as the day it said it the shop that you needed it? You did, today. And there it is. Shiny, happy stash. The right color, the right size, the right pattern. Or a piece of fabric that you just love?

I found this fabric back today. As in half an hour ago.

Here it is, amazing fabric by Jeanette's fabric to dye for. It's a ultra sateen, bought at the first quiltshow in the US I visited: Houston 2007. Love it. Forgot I had it and found it today. Can't stop petting it. It's just amazing.
Now what would I do with a lovely fabric like this? I couldn't bring myself to cut it. Background for appliqué? Something else? Ideas?

Have fun quilting!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Wanted: quilting time. Help me out!

My life is in a big rollercoaster. These last six months have been turmoil. In a good way, and on track, but quilting? How do I fit it in?

After being totally focussed on combining quilting in the US and work as a department manager at university for 3 years, since a year my world is changing. I do miss quilting, and I want it back in!!!

In 2012 (actually, in Houston ;-), remember those blogs?) I noticed that teaching was my thing, I loved it, it felt as that was I was meant to do. Speaking and presenting, helping out, showing new techniques. I loved doing that. But coming over every now and then to the US for teaching quilting was not my thing. And giving up my job to start a quilt business in the US would not be economically sound. Planes and hotels unfortunately do not pay for themselves...

Houston 2012 was decision time. The girls from had a lot of patience with me! Thanks girls... I decided to ponder on how to bring in teaching and training in my life. In January 2013 I started with some courses at Open University (distance learning) on Training and Coaching, and in September 2013 started with a training to be a Management Trainer. And so happy to inform you I got my degree on the 18th of September, certified and all that!!!! Started a coaching course in September too, that being a 2 year's course.

Moreover, changed jobs, and moved to a university where working less hours was possible, so I could combine study and work.
Quilting? Where would I find the time?! I work one week 3 days, the other week 4 days. I have a one day of courses every week. Homework half a day, and starting up my business. 4 times a week yoga and sports to keep the body sane and get the weight in control. A spouse and a cat to take care of, a home to clean, you know the drill.. Where oh where do I find the time?!!!!

I have two quilts waiting for me, and everytime I want to start, and blog about it, I start shoulding myself: I should do some homework, I should prepare my studies, I should do something about my business, I should do some more fitness.

And then I received a mail from Australian Homespun, whether they could use a quote from me, and my strip quilt fell out of the bag, and I saw my quilt stuff winking. And the Facebook group Celebrate Hand Quilting is florishing (thanks to Caron and friends), and makes me longing for stitches.

I need my quilting to keep sane. I decided: quilting time is needed. Help me to not "should" myself!!!

Have fun quilting!