Sunday, April 6, 2014

Step by step...

I was a fairly addicted blogger. Every 2 days a blog, with something quilty. After a year of going back to me, going back to where I want to be instead of where I thought the world wanted me, everything is calming down in a way, although I am more busy than ever. New job, new business in the making, studying, planning on a new study, more travelling and changing diet (lost 10 pounds already!).
I know where I am heading. I know it will take time. I know it demands changes. And I know I am willing to take that risk! I am focused.

I changed jobs and just started last week. I love my new job, at another university, different focus, and the option to study. My spouse had already planned way back to be away with a friend for this week. So I was home alone. It was fine. In my new job I work less, so I can concentrate too on my management trainer course (I do not know what the right word is in English for this type of work, but it's training people in management and leadership skills). Building up a business, and still a bit wobbly on the way. One way or another, calmness comes in, something I haven't found in many years.

Remember this one of a month ago?

I am thinking of words to put on. Words like Hope and Trust. Authenticity. Love. Joy. Friendliness. Words that bring me back to my feet. Words that give me trust in the path I am walking on now. If you want to join in and add some words, you're welcome!
Life has changed a lot for me. Less busy, more focused.

Change asks for time, and asks for choices. That means I blog less, when I really think I have something to say.

Thanks for listening and following my journey!;-)

Have fun quilting!


  1. I shall add "nothing ventured, nothing gained", enjoy your new challenges. Well done on the weight loss. It is about making those changes that make a long term difference.

  2. you are beautiful as you are
    een goede vriendin zei me toen ik mezelf weereens neersabelde over mijn gewicht....ja je hebt het ermee te doen ik maak me niet druk over hoe jij eruit blijft hetzelfd


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